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Keys Enumeration

Enumeration of values that correspond to physical keys on a keyboard

Namespace:  Eto.Forms
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.5.3-dev
public enum Keys
  Member nameValueDescription
None0No key
A1The A key
B2The B key
C3The C key
D4The D key
E5The E key
F6The F key
G7The G key
H8The H key
I9The I key
J10The J key
K11The K key
L12The L key
M13The M key
N14The N key
O15The O key
P16The P key
Q17The Q key
R18The R key
S19The S key
T20The T key
U21The U key
V22The V key
W23The W key
X24The X key
Y25The Y key
Z26The Z key
F127The F1 key
F228The F2 key
F329The F3 key
F430The F4 key
F531The F5 key
F632The F6 key
F733The F7 key
F834The F8 key
F935The F9 key
F1036The F10 key
F1137The F11 key
F1238The F12 key
D039The 0 digit key
D140The 1 digit key
D241The 2 digit key
D342The 3 digit key
D443The 4 digit key
D544The 5 digit key
D645The 6 digit key
D746The 7 digit key
D847The 8 digit key
D948The 9 digit key
Minus49The Minus '-' key
Plus85 Obsolete. The Plus '+' Key, which usually produces an '=' when pressed without shift and is beside the backspace key.
Grave51The Grave '`' key
Insert52The Insert key
Home53The Home key
PageUp54The Page Up key
PageDown55The Page Down key
Delete56The Delete key
End57The End key
Divide58The Divide '/' key, usually on the keypad/number pad
Decimal59The Decimal '.' key, usually on the keypad/number pad
Backspace60The Backspace key
Up61The Up key
Down62The Down key
Left63The Left key
Right64The Right key
Tab65The Tab key
Space66The Space key
CapsLock67The Caps Lock key
ScrollLock68The Scroll Lock key
PrintScreen69The Print Screen key
NumberLock70The Number Lock key
Enter71The Enter key
Escape72The Escape key
Multiply73The Multiply '*' key, usually on the keypad/number pad
Add74The Add '+' key, usually on the keypad/number pad
Subtract75The Subtract '-' key, usually on the keypad/number pad
Help76The Help key
Pause77The Pause key
Clear78The Clear key
KeypadEqual79The Equal '=' key on the keypad/number pad
Menu80 Obsolete. The menu (alt) key
Backslash81The Backslash '\' key
Equal85The Equal '=' key
Semicolon86The Semicolon ';' key
Quote87The Quote ''' key
Comma88The Comma ',' key
Period89The Period '.' key
ForwardSlash96 Obsolete. The Forward Slash '/' key
Slash96The Slash '/' key
RightBracket97The Right Bracket ']' key
LeftBracket98The Left Bracket '[' key
ContextMenu99The context menu key
Keypad0112The keypad/number pad '0' key
Keypad1113The keypad/number pad '1' key
Keypad2114The keypad/number pad '2' key
Keypad3115The keypad/number pad '3' key
Keypad4116The keypad/number pad '4' key
Keypad5117The keypad/number pad '5' key
Keypad6118The keypad/number pad '6' key
Keypad7119The keypad/number pad '7' key
Keypad8120The keypad/number pad '8' key
Keypad9121The keypad/number pad '9' key
LeftShift122The left shift key
RightShift123The right shift key
LeftControl124The left control key
RightControl125The right control key
LeftAlt126The left alt/option key
RightAlt127The right alt/option key
LeftApplication128The right application/windows key
RightApplication129The right application/windows key
Shift4096The Shift Key Modifier
Alt8192The Alt Key Modifier
Control16384The Control Key Modifier
Application32768The Application/Windows Key Modifier
ModifierMask61440The mask for the modifiers (Shift/Alt/Control/Application)
KeyMask4095The mask for the key value without modifiers
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