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GridView Class

Control to present data in a grid in columns and rows.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Eto.Forms
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.5.3-dev
public class GridView : Grid, ISelectableControl<Object>, 

The GridView type exposes the following members.

Public methodGridView
Initializes a new instance of the GridView class.
Protected methodGridView(GridViewIHandler)
Initializes a new instance of the GridView class with the specified handler.
Public propertyCanDeleteItem
A delegate that returns true if an item can be deleted Currently supported on iOS only.
Public propertyContextMenu
Gets or sets the context menu when right clicking or pressing the menu button on the control.
Public propertyDataStore
The data store for the grid.
Public propertyDeleteConfirmationTitle
The text to display in a Delete item button. Currently supported on iOS only.
Public propertyDeleteItemHandler
A delegate method to delete an item in response to a user's request. The method should return true after deleting the item, or false to indicate the item could not be deleted. Currently supported on iOS only.
Public propertySelectedItems
Gets an enumeration of the currently selected items
(Overrides GridSelectedItems.)
Public propertySelectionPreserver
Gets a new selection preserver instance for the grid.
Public propertyShowCellBorders Obsolete.
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to show a border around each cell.
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