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ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback Class

Base class for implementing Eto control handlers using other Eto controls.
Inheritance Hierarchy
    EtoWidgetHandlerTControl, TWidget
      EtoWidgetHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback
        Eto.FormsThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback

Namespace:  Eto.Forms
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.5.3-dev
public class ThemedControlHandler<TControl, TWidget, TCallback> : WidgetHandler<TControl, TWidget, TCallback>, 
	ControlIHandler, WidgetIHandler
where TControl : Control
where TWidget : Control
where TCallback : ControlICallback

Type Parameters

The Eto control used to create the custom implementation, e.g. Panel
The control being implemented, e.g. TabControl
The callback inferface for the control, e.g. TabControl.ICallback

The ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback type exposes the following members.

Public methodThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback
Initializes a new instance of the ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback class
Public propertyAllowDrop
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this control can serve as drop target.
Public propertyBackgroundColor
Gets or sets the color for the background of the control
Public propertyControlObject
Gets the instance of the platform-specific object
Public propertyCursor
Gets or sets the type of cursor to use when the mouse is hovering over the control
Public propertyEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this control is enabled
Protected propertyFocusControl
Gets the control used to attach focus events.
Public propertyHasFocus
Gets a value indicating whether this instance has the keyboard input focus.
Public propertyHeight
Gets or sets the height of the control size.
Protected propertyKeyboardControl
Gets the control used to attach keyboard and text input events
Public propertyLocation
Gets the location of the control as positioned by the container
Protected propertyMouseControl
Gets the control used to attach mouse events
Public propertyPropagateLoadEvents
Gets a value indicating whether PreLoad/Load/LoadComplete/UnLoad events are propagated to the inner control
Public propertySize
Gets or sets the size of the control. Use -1 to specify auto sizing for either the width and/or height.
Public propertySupportedPlatformCommands
Gets the supported platform commands that can be used to hook up system functions to user defined logic
Public propertyTabIndex
Gets or sets the tab index order for this control within its container.
Public propertyToolTip
Gets or sets the tool tip to show when the mouse is hovered over the control
Public propertyVisible
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this control is visible to the user.
Public propertyVisualControls
Gets an enumeration of controls that are in the visual tree.
Public propertyWidth
Gets or sets the width of the control size.
Public methodAttachEvent
Attaches the specified event to the platform-specific control
(Overrides WidgetHandlerTWidgetAttachEvent(String).)
Public methodDoDragDrop
Starts drag operation using this control as drag source.
Public methodFocus
Attempts to set the keyboard input focus to this control, or the first child that accepts focus
Public methodGetNativeParentWindow
Gets the window this control is contained in
Protected methodInitialize
Called to initialize this widget after it has been constructed
(Overrides WidgetHandlerTWidgetInitialize.)
Public methodInvalidate(Boolean)
Queues a repaint of the entire control on the screen
Public methodInvalidate(Rectangle, Boolean)
Queues a repaint of the specified rect of the control
Public methodMapPlatformCommand
Specifies a command to execute for a platform-specific command
Public methodOnLoad
Called when the control is loaded on a form
Public methodOnLoadComplete
Called after all other controls have been loaded
Public methodOnPreLoad
Called before the control is loaded on a form
Public methodOnUnLoad
Called when the control is unloaded, which is when it is not currently on a displayed window
Public methodPointFromScreen
Converts a point from screen space to control space.
Public methodPointToScreen
Converts a point from control space to screen space
Public methodResumeLayout
Resumes the layout after it has been suspended, and performs a layout
Public methodSetParent
Called when the parent of the control has been set
Public methodSuspendLayout
Suspends the layout of child controls
This allows a single implementation to be used in multiple platforms and is useful in a couple of scenarios: a) Creating default implementations of a control on platforms that do not support the control natively. b) Implementing a control with a non-native look and feel that is consistent across platforms.
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Inheritance Hierarchy
    EtoWidgetHandlerTControl, TWidget
      EtoWidgetHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback
        Eto.FormsThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback
          Eto.FormsThemedContainerHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback