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Grid Class

Base grid control to display items in columns and rows
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Eto.Forms
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.5.3-dev
public abstract class Grid : Control, 

The Grid type exposes the following members.

Protected methodGrid
Initializes a new instance of the Grid class.
Protected methodGrid(GridIHandler)
Initializes a new instance of the Grid class with the specified handler
Public propertyAllowColumnReordering
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can re-order columns
Public propertyAllowEmptySelection
Gets or sets a value indicating that the user can clear the selection.
Public propertyAllowMultipleSelection
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can select multiple rows
Public propertyBorder
Gets or sets the border type
Public propertyColumns
Gets the collection of columns to display in the grid
Public propertyGridLines
Gets or sets the style of grid lines to show between columns and rows
Public propertyIsEditing
Gets a value indicating that the current cell is in edit mode.
Public propertyRowHeight
Gets or sets the height for each row in the grid
Public propertySelectedItem
If there is exactly one selected item, returns it, otherwise returns null.
Public propertySelectedItemBinding
Gets a binding object to bind to the SelectedItem property.
Public propertySelectedItems
Gets an enumeration of the currently selected items
Public propertySelectedRow
Gets or sets the selected row, or -1 for none.
Public propertySelectedRows
Gets or sets the selected rows indexes
Public propertyShowHeader
Gets or sets a value indicating that the header should be shown
Public methodBeginEdit
Begin to edit one cell
Public methodCancelEdit
Cancels the current edit operation and reverts the cell value to the value in the model.
Public methodCommitEdit
Commits a current edit operation and sets the current value to the model.
Protected methodGetCallback
Gets an instance of an object used to perform callbacks to the widget from handler implementations
(Overrides ControlGetCallback.)
Protected methodOnCellClick
Raises the CellClick event.
Protected methodOnCellDoubleClick
Raises the CellDoubleClick event.
Protected methodOnCellEdited
Raises the CellEdited event
Protected methodOnCellEditing
Raises the CellEditing event
Protected methodOnCellFormatting
Raises the CellFormatting event
Protected methodOnColumnHeaderClick
Raises the ColumnHeaderClick event
Protected methodOnSelectionChanged
Raises the SelectionChanged event
Public methodScrollToRow
Scrolls to show the specified row in the view
Public methodSelectAll
Selects all rows
Public methodSelectRow
Selects the row to the specified row, clearing other selections
Public methodUnselectAll
Clears the selection
Public methodUnselectRow
Unselects the specified row
Public eventCellClick
Occurs when an individual cell is clicked.
Public eventCellDoubleClick
Occurs when an individual cell is double clicked.
Public eventCellEdited
Occurs after a cell has been edited
Public eventCellEditing
Occurs before a cell is being edited to allow canceling based on application logic
Public eventCellFormatting
Occurs when each cell is being formatted for font and color
Public eventColumnHeaderClick
Occurs when the column header has been clicked by the user
Public eventSelectedItemsChanged
Occurs when the SelectedItems is changed.
Public eventSelectedRowsChanged
Occurs when the SelectedRows is changed.
Public eventSelectionChanged
Occurs when the user has changed the selection in the grid
Public fieldStatic memberCellClickEvent
Event identifier for the CellClick event.
Public fieldStatic memberCellDoubleClickEvent
Event identifier for the CellDoubleClick event.
Public fieldStatic memberCellEditedEvent
Event identifier for handlers when attaching the CellEdited event
Public fieldStatic memberCellEditingEvent
Event identifier for handlers when attaching the CellEditing event
Public fieldStatic memberCellFormattingEvent
Event identifier for handlers when attaching the CellFormatting event
Public fieldStatic memberColumnHeaderClickEvent
Event identifier for handlers when attaching the ColumnHeaderClick event
Public fieldStatic memberSelectionChangedEvent
Event identifier for handlers when attaching the SelectionChanged event
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