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WebView Class

Control to show a browser control that can display html and execute javascript.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Eto.Forms
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.5.3-dev
public class WebView : Control

The WebView type exposes the following members.

Public methodWebView
Initializes a new instance of the WebView class
Public propertyBrowserContextMenuEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can click to show the context menu.
Public propertyCanGoBack
Gets a value indicating whether the browser can go back to the previous page in history.
Public propertyCanGoForward
Gets a value indicating whether the browser can go forward to the next page.
Public propertyDocumentTitle
Gets the document title of the current page.
Public propertyUrl
Gets or sets the URL of the currently navigated page.
Public methodExecuteScript
Executes the specified javascript in the context of the current page, returning its result.
Protected methodGetCallback
Gets an instance of an object used to perform callbacks to the widget from handler implementations
(Overrides ControlGetCallback.)
Public methodGoBack
Navigates the browser back to the previous page in history, if there is one.
Public methodGoForward
Navigates the browser forward to the next page in history, if there is one.
Public methodLoadHtml(Stream, Uri)
Loads the specified stream as html into the control.
Public methodLoadHtml(String, Uri)
Loads the specified html string.
Protected methodOnDocumentLoaded
Raises the DocumentLoaded event.
Protected methodOnDocumentLoading
Raises the DocumentLoading event.
Protected methodOnDocumentTitleChanged
Raises the DocumentTitleChanged event.
Protected methodOnNavigated
Raises the Navigated event.
Protected methodOnOpenNewWindow
Raises the OpenNewWindow event.
Public methodReload
Reloads the current page
Public methodShowPrintDialog
Shows the print dialog for the current page.
Public methodStop
Stops loading the current page.
Public eventDocumentLoaded
Occurs when the document is fully loaded.
Public eventDocumentLoading
Occurs when a document starts loading.
Public eventDocumentTitleChanged
Occurs when the title of the page has change either through navigation or a script.
Public eventNavigated
Occurs when the browser has loaded a new uri and has begun loading it.
Public eventOpenNewWindow
Occurs when the page prompts to open a link in a new window
Public fieldStatic memberDocumentLoadedEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the DocumentLoaded event.
Public fieldStatic memberDocumentLoadingEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the DocumentLoading event.
Public fieldStatic memberDocumentTitleChangedEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the DocumentTitleChanged event.
Public fieldStatic memberNavigatedEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the Navigated event.
Public fieldStatic memberOpenNewWindowEvent
Identifier for handlers when attaching the OpenNewWindow event.
Most platforms have built-in support for a browser control, which by default this will use. There are other browser implementations available, such as Chromium, etc. You can create your own handler for the web view if you want to use a different browser control.
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