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ThemedSegmentedButtonHandler Class

Themed SegmentedButton handler which uses a series of ToggleButton controls in a table.
Inheritance Hierarchy
    EtoWidgetHandlerPanel, SegmentedButton
      EtoWidgetHandlerPanel, SegmentedButton, SegmentedButtonICallback
        Eto.FormsThemedControlHandlerPanel, SegmentedButton, SegmentedButtonICallback

Namespace:  Eto.Forms.ThemedControls
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.5.3-dev
public class ThemedSegmentedButtonHandler : ThemedControlHandler<Panel, SegmentedButton, SegmentedButtonICallback>, 
	SegmentedButtonIHandler, ControlIHandler, WidgetIHandler

The ThemedSegmentedButtonHandler type exposes the following members.

Public methodThemedSegmentedButtonHandler
Initializes a new instance of the ThemedSegmentedButtonHandler class
Public propertySelectedIndex
Gets or sets the index of the selected item, or -1 for no selection.
Public propertySelectedIndexes
Gets or sets the selected indexes.
Public propertySelectionMode
Gets or sets the selection mode.
Public propertySpacing
Gets or sets the spacing between the buttons
Public methodAttachEvent
Attaches the specified event to the platform-specific control
(Overrides ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallbackAttachEvent(String).)
Public methodClearItems
Clears all items from the segmented button.
Public methodClearSelection
Clears all selected items.
Protected methodCreateControl
Creates the control if not already set.
(Overrides WidgetHandlerTControl, TWidgetCreateControl.)
Public methodInsertItem
Inserts the item at the specified index.
Public methodOnLoad
Called when the control is loaded on a form
(Overrides ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallbackOnLoad(EventArgs).)
Public methodOnPreLoad
Called before the control is loaded on a form
(Overrides ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallbackOnPreLoad(EventArgs).)
Public methodRemoveItem
Removes the item at the specified index.
Public methodSelectAll
Selects all items when SelectionMode is set to Multiple.
Public methodSetItem
Sets the item at the specified index, replacing its existing item.
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