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ThemedTextStepperHandler Class

Themed implementation of the TextStepper control composed of a TextBox and Stepper.
Inheritance Hierarchy
    EtoWidgetHandlerTableLayout, TextStepper
      EtoWidgetHandlerTableLayout, TextStepper, TextStepperICallback
        Eto.FormsThemedControlHandlerTableLayout, TextStepper, TextStepperICallback

Namespace:  Eto.Forms.ThemedControls
Assembly:  Eto (in Eto.dll) Version: 2.5.3-dev
public class ThemedTextStepperHandler : ThemedControlHandler<TableLayout, TextStepper, TextStepperICallback>, 
	TextStepperIHandler, TextBoxIHandler, TextControlIHandler, CommonControlIHandler, ControlIHandler, 

The ThemedTextStepperHandler type exposes the following members.

Public methodThemedTextStepperHandler
Initializes a new instance of the ThemedTextStepperHandler class.
Public propertyAutoSelectMode
Gets or sets the auto selection mode.
Public propertyBackgroundColor
Gets or sets the color for the background of the control
(Overrides ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallbackBackgroundColor.)
Public propertyCaretIndex
Gets or sets the index of the current insertion point.
Public propertyFont
Gets or sets the font for the text of the control
Public propertyHasFocus
Gets a value indicating whether this instance has the keyboard input focus.
(Overrides ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallbackHasFocus.)
Protected propertyKeyboardControl
Gets the control used to attach keyboard and text input events
(Overrides ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallbackKeyboardControl.)
Public propertyMaxLength
Gets or sets the maximum length of the text that can be entered in the control.
Public propertyPlaceholderText
Gets or sets the placeholder text to show as a hint of what the user should enter.
Public propertyReadOnly
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this TextBox is read only.
Public propertySelection
Gets or sets the current text selection.
Public propertyShowBorder
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to show the control's border.
Public propertyShowStepper
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this Control is visible to the user.
Public propertyStepper
Gets the Stepper part of the themed text stepper
Public propertyText
Gets or sets the text of the control.
Public propertyTextAlignment
Gets or sets the alignment of the text in the entry box.
Public propertyTextBox
Gets the TextBox part of the themed text stepper
Public propertyTextColor
Gets or sets the color of the text.
Public propertyValidDirection
Gets or sets the valid directions the stepper will allow the user to click.
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