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Eto.Forms.ThemedControls Namespace

Themed control handlers
Public classThemedAboutDialogHandler
A themed handler for the AboutDialog dialog.
Public classThemedButtonSegmentedItemHandler
Themed ButtonSegmentedItem handler.
Public classThemedCollectionEditor
Implementation of the CollectionEditor using a GridView and PropertyGrid.
Public classThemedCollectionEditorHandler
Handler for the CollectionEditor control.
Public classThemedColorPickerHandler
Themed handler for the ColorPicker using a Drawable and the ColorDialog.
Public classThemedDocumentControlHandler
A themed handler for the DocumentControl control.
Public classThemedDocumentPageHandler
A themed handler for the DocumentPage control.
Public classThemedExpanderHandler
A themed handler for the Expander control.
Public classThemedFilePickerHandler
A themed handler for the FilePicker control.
Public classThemedFontPickerHandler
A themed handler for the FontPicker control.
Public classThemedMenuSegmentedItemHandler
Themed MenuSegmentedItem handler
Public classThemedPropertyGrid
Implementation of the PropertyGrid using the TreeGridView and PropertyCell
Public classThemedPropertyGridHandler
Themed handler for the PropertyGrid control.
Public classThemedSegmentedButtonHandler
Themed SegmentedButton handler which uses a series of ToggleButton controls in a table.
Public classThemedSegmentedItemHandlerTWidget, TCallback
Themed SegmentedItem handler which uses a ToggleButton for its display.
Public classThemedSpinnerHandler
Themed spinner handler for the Spinner control
Public classThemedSplitterHandler
! UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! Themed splitter handler for the Splitter control
Public classThemedStepperHandler
Themed version of the Stepper control for platforms that have no support for such a control.
Public classThemedTextStepperHandler
Themed implementation of the TextStepper control composed of a TextBox and Stepper.
Public enumerationThemedSpinnerDirection
Direction to spin the ThemedSpinnerHandler
Public enumerationThemedSpinnerMode
Display Mode of the ThemedSpinnerHandler