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ThemedSpinnerHandler Properties

The ThemedSpinnerHandler type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDirection
Gets or sets the direction to spin
Public propertyDisabledAlpha
Gets or sets the alpha of the marks when the spinner is not spinning (disabled)
Public propertyElementColor
Gets or sets the main color of each element
Public propertyElementSize
Gets or sets the size of each element, relative to the control size
Public propertyEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this ThemedSpinnerHandler is enabled (spinning)
(Overrides ThemedControlHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallbackEnabled.)
Public propertyIncrement
Gets or sets the increment for each step when the spinner is animating, where 1 is equal to the distance from one element to the other
Public propertyLineCap
Gets or sets the line cap when the Mode is set to line
Public propertyLineThickness
Gets or sets the line thickness relative to the control size, when the Mode is a Line
Public propertyMode
Gets or sets the display mode of the spinner (e.g. Line/Circle)
Public propertyNumberOfElements
Gets or sets the number of elements to display
Public propertyNumberOfVisibleElements
Gets or sets the number of visible elements while animating. This must be less than or equal to NumberOfElements
Public propertySpeed
Gets or sets the speed of the spinner, in seconds for each tick.
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