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Command Properties

The Command type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBindings
Gets the collection of bindings that are attached to this widget
Public propertyCommandParameter
Gets or sets the parameter to pass to the Command when executing or determining its CanExecute state.
Public propertyDataContext
Gets or sets the data context for this widget for binding
Public propertyDelegatedCommand
Gets or sets a command to delegate to when the command is invoked.
Public propertyEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this Command is enabled.
Public propertyID
Gets or sets the ID of the command
Public propertyImage
Gets or sets the image for the menu or tool item.
Public propertyMenuText
Gets or sets the text when shown on the menu.
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent widget which this widget has been added to, if any
Public propertyProperties
Gets the dictionary of properties for this widget
Public propertyShortcut
Gets or sets the shortcut to trigger this command.
Public propertyTag
Gets or sets a user-defined tag value for this instance.
Public propertyToolBarText
Gets or sets the tool bar text.
Public propertyToolTip
Gets or sets the tool tip on both the menu and toolbar.
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