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Window Methods

The Window type exposes the following members.

Public methodBringToFront
Brings the window in front of all other windows in the z-order.
Public methodClose
Closes the window
Protected methodGetCallback
Gets an instance of an object used to perform callbacks to the widget from handler implementations
(Overrides ControlGetCallback.)
Public methodMaximize
Public methodMinimize
Protected methodOnClosed
Raises the Closed event.
Protected methodOnClosing
Raises the Closing event.
Protected methodOnDataContextChanged
Raises the DataContextChanged event
(Overrides BindableWidgetOnDataContextChanged(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnLocationChanged
Raises the LocationChanged event.
Protected methodOnLogicalPixelSizeChanged
Raises the LogicalPixelSizeChanged event.
Protected methodOnOwnerChanged
Raises the OwnerChanged event.
Protected methodOnWindowStateChanged
Raises the WindowStateChanged event.
Public methodSendToBack
Sends the window behind all other windows in the z-order.
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