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IHandler Methods

The ControlIHandler type exposes the following members.

Public methodDoDragDrop
Starts drag operation using this control as drag source.
Public methodFocus
Attempts to set the keyboard input focus to this control, or the first child that accepts focus
Public methodGetNativeParentWindow
Gets a parent window wrapper around the native window
Public methodInvalidate(Boolean)
Queues a repaint of the entire control on the screen
Public methodInvalidate(Rectangle, Boolean)
Queues a repaint of the specified rect of the control
Public methodCode exampleMapPlatformCommand
Specifies a command to execute for a platform-specific command
Public methodOnLoad
Called when the control is loaded on a form
Public methodOnLoadComplete
Called after all other controls have been loaded
Public methodOnPreLoad
Called before the control is loaded on a form
Public methodOnUnLoad
Called when the control is unloaded, which is when it is not currently on a displayed window
Public methodPointFromScreen
Converts a point from screen space to control space.
Public methodPointToScreen
Converts a point from control space to screen space
Public methodResumeLayout
Resumes the layout after it has been suspended, and performs a layout
Public methodSetParent
Called when the parent of the control has been set
Public methodSuspendLayout
Suspends the layout of child controls
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