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Eto.Drawing Namespace

Graphics, images, and drawing.
Public classBitmap
Represents an image
Public classBitmapData
Bitmap data information when accessing a Bitmap's data directly
Public classBrush
Base brush class to use when calling fill methods of a Graphics object
Public classBrushes
List of brushes with common colors and brush cache for solid color brushes
Public classColorConverter Obsolete.
Converts instances of other types to and from a Color.
Public classColors
List of common colors
Public classDashStyle
Dash style for a Pen
Public classDashStyles
Common dash styles used for DashStyle
Public classFont
Defines a format for text
Public classFontFamilies
Defines generic font families that can be used on all systems
Public classFontFamily
Specifies a family for a Font object
Public classFonts
Methods to get information about current fonts installed the running system
Public classFontTypeface
A font type that specifies the characteristics of a FontFamily variation
Public classFormattedText
Low level object that provides drawing text with formatting.
Public classGraphics
Graphics context object for drawing operations
Public classGraphicsPath
Defines primitives that can be used to draw or fill a path on a Graphics object
Public classGraphicsPathExtensions
Extensions for the IGraphicsPath
Public classIcon
Represents an icon which allows for multiple sizes and resolutions of an image
Public classIconFrame
Represents a frame in an Icon.
Public classImage
Base class for images
Public classImageConverter Obsolete.
Converter to convert a string to an Image
Public classIndexedBitmap
Represents a bitmap where each pixel is specified as an index in a Palette
Public classLinearGradientBrush
Brush with a linear gradient at an angle
Public classMatrix
Methods to create and manage an IMatrix
Public classPaddingConverter Obsolete.
Converter for the Padding class
Public classPalette
Represents a collection of Color objects
Public classPen
Defines attributes for line drawing methods in Graphics
Public classPens
List of pens with common colors and pen cache for pens with a specified color/thickness
Public classPointConverter Obsolete.
Converter for the Point class
Public classPointFConverter Obsolete.
Converter for the PointF class
Public classRadialGradientBrush
Brush with an elliptical radial gradient from a specified origin.
Public classRectangleConverter Obsolete.
Converter for the Rectangle class
Public classRectangleFConverter Obsolete.
Converter for the RectangleF class
Public classRegion
Defines a region to use for clipping
Public classSizeConverter Obsolete.
Converter for the Size class
Public classSizeFConverter Obsolete.
Converter for the SizeF class
Public classSolidBrush
Defines a brush with a solid color for use with Graphics fill operations
Public classSystemColors
Methods to get colors of system elements
Public classSystemFonts
Methods to get information about current fonts installed the running system
Public classTextureBrush
Defines a brush with an image texture for use with Graphics fill operations
Public structureColor
Represents a color with RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha) components
Public structureColorCMYK
Represents a color in the CMYK color model.
Public structureColorHSB
Color representation in HSB color model
Public structureColorHSL
Color representation in the HSL color model
Public structurePadding
Represents an amount of padding to apply to an object at the top, left, right, and bottom.
Public structurePoint
A struct representing X and Y co-ordinates as integer values
Public structurePointF
A struct representing X and Y co-ordinates as floating point values
Public structureRectangle
Represents a rectangle with a location (X, Y) and size (Width, Height) components.
Public structureRectangleF
Represents a floating point rectangle with a location (X, Y) and size (Width, Height) components.
Public structureSize
Represents a size with width and height components
Public structureSizeF
Represents a floating point size with width and height components
Public interfaceBitmapIHandler
Handler interface for the Bitmap class
Public interfaceBrushIHandler
Base interface for brush handlers of type Brush
Public interfaceFontIHandler
Platform handler for the Font class
Public interfaceFontFamilyIHandler
Interface for a FontFamily handler
Public interfaceFontsIHandler
Platform handler interface for the Fonts class
Public interfaceFontTypefaceIHandler
Platform handler interface for the FontTypeface class
Public interfaceFormattedTextIHandler
Handler for implementations of the FormattedText class.
Public interfaceGraphicsIHandler
Platform handler interface for the Graphics class
Public interfaceGraphicsPathIHandler
Handler interface for the IGraphicsPath
Public interfaceIconIHandler
Platform handler for the Icon class
Public interfaceIconFrameIHandler
Handler interface for platform implementations of the IconFrame
Public interfaceIGraphicsPath
Graphics path to be used for drawing or filling using a Graphics object
Public interfaceILockableImage
Interface for an image that can have its data locked for direct access
Public interfaceImageIHandler
Handler interface for the Image class
Public interfaceIMatrix
Defines a matrix used for transforms in Graphics and Brushes
Public interfaceIndexedBitmapIHandler
Handler for the IndexedBitmap class
Public interfaceITransformBrush
Interface for brushes with a transform
Public interfaceLinearGradientBrushIHandler
Handler interface for the LinearGradientBrush
Public interfaceMatrixIHandler
Handler interface for the IMatrix
Public interfacePenIHandler
Defines a pen to be used with the Graphics drawing methods
Public interfaceRadialGradientBrushIHandler
Handler interface for the RadialGradientBrush
Public interfaceRegionIHandler
Handler interface for the Region class
Public interfaceSolidBrushIHandler
Platform handler interface for SolidBrush
Public interfaceSystemColorsIHandler
Handler interface for SystemColors
Public interfaceTextureBrushIHandler
Platform handler interface for TextureBrush
Public enumerationFillMode
Mode for how a closed IGraphicsPath is filled
Public enumerationFontDecoration
Decorations for a Font
Public enumerationFontStyle
Syles for a Font
Public enumerationFormattedTextAlignment
Alignment mode for the FormattedText
Public enumerationFormattedTextTrimming
Trimming mode for the FormattedText.
Public enumerationFormattedTextWrapMode
Wrap mode for the FormattedText.
Public enumerationGradientWrapMode
Wrap mode for a gradient
Public enumerationImageFormat
Format of the image to use when saving, loading, etc.
Public enumerationImageInterpolation
Interpolation modes when drawing images using the Graphics object
Public enumerationPenLineCap
Specifies the line cap for a Pen
Public enumerationPenLineJoin
Specifies how lines are joined for a Pen
Public enumerationPixelFormat
Format of bytes used in a Bitmap
Public enumerationPixelOffsetMode
Enumeration of the pixel offset modes of a Graphics
Public enumerationSystemFont
Enumeration of the different system fonts for a Font