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Eto Namespace

Global platform, bindings, and helpers.
Public classAttachableMemberIdentifier
Attachable member identifier for properties, when xaml is not present/available
Public classCode exampleAutoInitializeAttribute
Attribute to specify whether the handler interface should be initialized automatically
Public classCollectionChangedHandlerTItem, TCollection
Class to help implement collection changed events on a data store
Public classContentPropertyAttribute
Attribute to indicate which property of a type is the content property
Public classDataStoreChangedHandlerTItem, TCollection
Public classDefaultStyleProvider
The default style provider which supports setting styles from delegates.
Public classEnumerableChangedHandlerTItem
Helper class to handle collection change events of an IEnumerable
Public classEnumerableChangedHandlerTItem, TCollection
Helper class to handle collection change events of an IEnumerable
Public classEtoEnvironment
Environment methods
Public classEtoMemberIdentifier
Member identifier for attached properties
Public classExportHandlerAttribute
Exports a handler from a 3rd party assembly.
Public classCode exampleExportInitializerAttribute
Attribute to apply to 3rd party assemblies to load additional controls or functionality.
Public classExtendedObservableCollectionT
Observable collection with extended functionality such as sorting and adding a range of items
Public classHandlerCreatedEventArgs
Arguments for when a widget is created
Public classNamespaceInfo
Helper class to get information about a namespace and assembly
Public classOperatingSystemPlatform
Operating system platform information
Public classPlatform
Base platform class
Public classPlatformExtensionAttribute
Base extension attribute to wire up 3rd party controls and native handler implementations.
Public classPlatforms
Constants for the standard Generator generators
Public classPropertyStore
A storage for properties and events of a class
Public classRuntimeNamePropertyAttribute
Attribute to specify the name property of a control for serialization
Public classCode exampleStyle
Style manager for widgets
Public classTypeConverter Obsolete.
Type converter implementation, for type converter compatibility in portable class libraries.
Public classTypeConverterAttribute Obsolete.
Type converter attribute, for type converter compatibility in portable class libraries.
Public classTypeDescriptor Obsolete.
Type descriptor for conversion compatibility.
Public classUnhandledExceptionEventArgs
Provides data for the event that is raised when there is an exception that is not handled otherwise
Public classWidget
Base widget class for all objects requiring a platform-specific implementation
Public classWidgetCreatedEventArgs
Arguments for when a widget is created
Public classCode exampleWidgetHandlerTWidget
Base platform handler for widgets
Public classCode exampleWidgetHandlerTControl, TWidget
Base platform handler for Widget objects that have a backing platform object
Protected classWidgetHandlerTControl, TWidgetWeakConnector
Connector for events to keep a weak reference to allow controls to be garbage collected when no longer referenced
Public classCode exampleWidgetHandlerTControl, TWidget, TCallback
Widget handler with type-specific callback
Public interfaceEtoEnvironmentIHandler
Handler interface for the EtoEnvironment class
Public interfaceICallbackSource
Interface to get the callback object for a widget
Public interfaceIControlObjectSource
Interface for widgets that have a control object
Public interfaceIHandlerSource
Interface for widgets that have a handler
Public interfaceIPlatformInitializer
Platform extension for 3rd party libraries to provide additional controls or functionality
Public interfaceIStyleProvider
Interface for a style provider
Public interfaceITypeDescriptorContext Obsolete.
Interface for a type descriptor context, for type converter compatibility in portable class libraries.
Public interfaceWidgetICallback
> Base callback interface for all widgets
Public interfaceWidgetIHandler
Handler interface for the Widget class
Public enumerationEtoSpecialFolder
Enumeration of the special folders that can be retrieved
Public enumerationFileAction
File action.
Public enumerationPlatformFeatures
Flags to specify which global features are supported for a platform